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Lottery And Poverty Written by  Jon

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Increase in the price of a lottery ticket.

Lottery and Poverty

Two things I read in the news today sort of popped out at me.  One was that the cost of a lottery ticket is going to double, going from £1 to £2 in the Autumn.  The second was about poverty in Britain, and the odd slant it had on being poor.

So they are raising the lottery ticket fees to £2 this Autumn, but they state the amount we can win is going up as well.  By matching three (3) numbers, we could win £25, instead of the current £10.  But the winnings for matching five (5) numbers will drop by a bit, and also the five plus bonus winnings will drop, but the match four (4) will increase??  It’s all confusing to me.

The lottery does well, sales have increased by 35% since 2002, and around 800,000 players win prizes for matching three or four numbers each week, and 800 players match five numbers or five plus the bonus each week.  That’s a lot of winners, unfortunately I have not been one of them.

The lottery does bring in a lot of money and the money it brings in does go for good causes.  I wonder if doubling the ticket price will cause anyone to not play?  Or maybe more people will play to get themselves, or at least get a chance to get themselves out of poverty.

More and more of us are struggling just to meet the basic costs of living, rent/mortgage, car insurance or public transport costs, petrol, food, gas, electric, etc, they all have increased.  But are we poorer than before.  No, not by the way poverty is measured. Poverty is measured as a whole, comparing everyone to everyone else, so as whole we are all worse off, so the poor have become poorer, which in turn lowers the benchmark for poverty. Odd how that works.

How to determine if you are poverty stricken is a complex formula, and if you so feel the need, you can visit the Office For National Statistics or ONS, ‘s web site for more information on this. But if your income is £14,873 or £286 a week, you are at a risk of poverty; this according to official figures.

So we all are getting poorer, but what about those that already were in the poverty category??  Do we need to create a new, lower sub-poverty category?

It causes me to want to play the lottery now until the ticket prices double in hopes of being one of the 800 a week to match the five or five plus.



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